Jelena Dmitrijeva

My name is Jelena Dmitrijeva.

I am a 2nd year student studying at the specialization „International Communications in Business and Management”. This year I became President of Students’ self-government.

I was born and grew up in Riga.

My profession is a secretary. I worked in „Baltijasservisacentrs” as a deputy director and purchasing agent. During crisis I was unemployed but this stimulated me to continue my education.

I am an initiative, independent and responsible person. Positive attitude, determination and optimism are my main engines of success. I am not fond of sitting at one place and doing the same work. I consider that life should be constantly changing and a person should be active. My main hobbies – photography and animation, but at the moment I am an amateur in these fields who is obtaining necessary skills.

ISMA Students’ self-government participates in the solution of important problems of students’ life. Having become a member of ISMA family I was elected in Students’ self-government and the head of its study division. I think that student years are the most memorable. I participated in all ISMA events after I became a member of Students’ self-government in 2010.

Each our day should be a holiday!

Let our new holiday be more exciting than the previous!