Katerina Tumko

2nd-year student.
This is my first exhibition. I have been photographing for three years only, using a very simple camera.

About me:

I am from Ukraine. I have always been dreaming to study in Europe, and my dream has come true! Every day I am falling in love with Latvia more and more. Nature is so beautiful here. It’s a paradise for a photographer!

Photography is not my only hobby. I am interested in many more things.

Living in Latvia, I have met a lot of nice people from different countries. Poets, actors, politicians… It is a big luck to know all these people! I am happy that I can read poetry at the stage, act in the theatre with them and actively participate in the social life of Latvia.

This autumn I have been elected in the Students’ Self-government, where I met so many talented and sincere friends.

I wish you all to be active and everything will be Ok!

Have a pleasure at the exhibition and good luck!